Architecture + Workshop

Established in 2006, Stonorov Workshop was founded on the belief that good design makes life better.  We use sustainable materials and methods in honest and simple expressions to create warm, kind, and tough modern works.

Our Beliefs

Fundamental to our process is the belief that making and designing are intrinsic to each other.  Knowledge of one strengthens and informs the expression of the other.  We build many of our own projects and incorporate this experience into all of our designs.  We enjoy the hard work and considered details we know good outcomes require.   

Our designs are developed with careful consideration of our client’s needs, a rigorous study of site and an open and involved creative process tempered by ecological sensibility.

We offer discounted rates for projects that promote community wellness and urban invigoration.  We offer the same to green businesses and non-profits.

Who we are

Stonorov Workshop Architects is a small firm with big ideals.   We get our hands dirty, use tools, and make what we’ve talked about.  We’re scrappy and refined.  We think a project’s inside is as important than the outside, that function is more important than looks, but we know that all of these things, and a whole lot more, matter and must be addressed.  Environmental considerations and a focus on local materials are implicit.  We start with what resonates and the rest follows.    

Tolya Stonorov, AIA

Founder and Partner

Tolya Stonorov is a licensed architect, an Associate Professor of Architecture at the School of Architecture + Art at Norwich University and an avid Maker. Tolya has recieved multiple awards including the Vermont Women in Higher Education Peggy Williams Award in 2016, a University Award for Mentoring and multiple AIA Vermont Awards for her Stonorov Workshop and student projects. Tolya was the primary editor for The Design Build Studio | Crafting Meaningful Work in Architecture Education, published in 2017 by Routledge, Taylor and Francis. She received a Master of Architecture from the University of California, Berkeley where she was awarded the Howard Freeman Purchase Prize, The Chester Miller Fellowship and multiple grants. Tolya has traveled extensively through Southeast Asia and Europe and brings these experiences to her work. Tolya worked as a clothing designer and painter prior to becoming an architect.

Otto Stonorov

Founder and Partner

As an undergraduate, Otto attended the University of Montana, Missoula. He was conferred the degree of Masters of Architecture from the University of California, Berkeley in 2004.

His studies were interspersed with extensive travel throughout the United States, as well as through South East Asia and Europe.  Past architectural work requirements were met at design and construction firms in the San Francisco Bay Area.

In addition to the expected influences of travel, work, and education, his Architectural views owe heavily to the practical legacy of family and friends, who, as a matter of course, are involved in art, planning, preservation and building at all scales.

Blue Heelers

An important part of daily life.



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2016       Vermont Women in Higher Education, Peggy R. Williams Emerging Professional Award, Winner.

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2015       Dana Category One Grant, Norwich University.

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2014+2013 Vermont Women in Higher Education, Peggy R. Williams Emerging Professional Award, Finalist/Nomination.


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