Established in 2006, Stonorov Workshop Architects was founded on the belief that good design makes life better.  We use sustainable materials and methods in honest and simple expressions to create warm, kind, and tough modern works.

Fundamental to our process is the belief that making and designing are intrinsic to each other.  Knowledge of one strengthens and informs the expression of the other.  We build many of our own projects and incorporate this experience into all of our designs.  We enjoy the hard work and considered details we know good outcomes require.   

Our designs are developed with careful consideration of our client’s needs, a rigorous study of site and an open and involved creative process tempered by ecological sensibility.




Stonorov Workshop Architects is a small firm with big ideals.  When you work with us you will interact directly with one of the founding members.  We get our hands dirty, use tools, and make what we’ve talked about.  We’re scrappy and refined.  We think the inside of a project is as important than the outside, that function is more important than looks, but we know that all of these things, and a whole lot more, matter and must be addressed.  Environmental considerations and a focus on local materials are implicit.  We start with what resonates and the rest follows.

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Stonorov Workshop is grateful to have received multiple awards and publications.

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Tolya Stonorov is the Associate Director and an Associate Professor at the School of Architecture + Art, Norwich University.  Her first book, The Design-Build Studio | Crafting Meaningful Work in Architecture Education, was published in 2017.  Stonorov’s second book, FABRIC[ated] is forthcoming.  Stonorov teaches second year studio, advanced level studios, including design build and a course on professional practice, ethics and construction documents. Her studios focus on community-oriented work, with an emphasis on helping the underserved through affordability, materiality, and holistic sustainability. Her academic and student work has been published in national magazines and has received multiple awards for excellence from the American Institute of Architects, Vermont Chapter.

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Phone: 415.497.7337 or 802.777.4361

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