Rockridge House

The entire site and both buildings on this property were reconfigured to offer a quiet, safe and private indoor/outdoor lifestyle in a busy and trafficked area of the Lower Rockridge neighborhood. The streetside of the property was heavily planted, treed, and retained to extend privacy and ownership to the sidewalk. At the sides and rear of the property is a tall reclaimed redwood fence accompanied by bamboo screening and fast growing ash trees. The interior of the house was opened, via custom sliding doors, to the surrounding raw wood and greenery of the site. Rebuilt exterior portions of the house and studio maintain the raw wood aesthetic of the fence, making the exterior environment seasonal, alive, weatherable and conceptually consistent. Interior finishes and decisions are clean, sparse and purposeful.


  • Oakland, California

Design Build

  • 1,000 SF House, Gutted and Rebuilt


  • Completed 2009