California Studio (Modern Cabin)

A total renovation of an existing building, the studio forms the back of a courtyard in a larger Rockridge property. Its location on the rear property line allows the rear yard privacy.  Its aesthetic is the continuation of the quiet ideas and materials that inform the built and landscaped environment of the property. The exterior casing of windows protrude from the building to frame exclusive site views.  The downstairs casings protrude far enough to both frame a view and to become an exterior window seat. The studio is an office space, a workshop, guesthouse, a catchall for everything that does not fit in the house on the other side of the courtyard.


  • Oakland, CA

Design + Build

  • Redesign and Rebuild: 400 sf studio


  • Dwell, Inlaws Outlaws and Granny Flats, Taunton Press; The San Francisco Chronicle and numerous websites.