San Francisco House

This property was designed for a work-at-home photographer and a product designer. Specific work-space requirements were balanced with equally specific resale ideas to make rooms flexible and adaptable. The primary living space of the house completely opens to the rear yard and each bedroom/office space opens to a roof deck. Work spaces, depending on configuration, afford easy access to the garage/shop and otherwise allow for circulation to non-private areas of the house for meetings with clients. A large skylight brings natural light into the stairwell and office at the center of the house. A rooftop solar electric and solar hot water array provide power and heat. Existing painted exterior redwood siding is planed and re-purposed as interior paneling.


  • San Francisco, CA

Design Development + Permitting

  • Gutted Renovation of a 3,000 SF house in the Dog Patch Neighborhood


  • 2010